Agony a Go-Go is no longer.

I created this website in 1997- actually, earlier than that, because it was on Geocities for a while- because I had what I thought was a neat idea wherein I would manufacture this mythical subcultural event and attach to it all these stories and people and pieces of art. The intention was to really make people think that it happened- or was happening- but maybe it was just out of reach. Maybe they just missed it. It sounded fun when discussed in Yaffa Cafe in the wee hours of the post-club morning, and it was fun. It was fun creating it- back then, drawing all those white line drawings with the mouse. It was immensely fulfilling to receive emails from people from all over the world (this is before blogs and comment sections, so when people wanted to talk to you, they'd have to actually email you and there would be no audience). What started to kill it was when I was receiving emails from people asking about the club or wondering how they could participate or be featured at the next one as an artist or musician. I don't like tricking people when they don't know it's a trick, and when you tell them afterwards, you make them feel a bit silly. I tangled with making the whole website very obviously fantasy, but then the whole point of realistic interviews and articles became awkward. The whole thing became awkward and eventually uninteresting to me, so it has just lingered stagnant since 2008. It's time to let it go and make way for something better. I want to create some sort of homepage for the artwork of myself and my brother, Paul. More than just a portfolio page (which is linked below). Whatever ,it's just got to be better than the dinosaur that this website became. I don't know who will ever even see this.

        - Kurt Komoda, December 16, 2014