I was born and raised in New Jersey to parents who were both artists. My brothers and I grew up constantly creating things. After graduating high school, in 1988, I joined the U.S. Navy and became an Aviation Anti-Submarine Warfare Operator(AW). I was certified as a combat aircrew member onboard the Lockheed P-3C orion, hunting and tracking submarines. In 1992, I received an honorable discharge and returned to civilian life.
     I took on freelance work while maintaining various full-time jobs, including working at a commercial art studio in New York City for over 10 years. Now, I work as a 100% freelancer.
My list of clients, past and present, includes:
Burning Wheel
The Studio NYC
Evil Hat Productions
Arc Dream Publishing
Dune Road Films
Galileo Games
Margaret Weis productions
Shoeless Pete Games
Hero Games
Axel Stocks
Red Duke Games
Monte Cook Games
Musicians For World harmony
Quintessence Editions Ltd
Splash Worldwide
Okay By Me Productions
Raven God Games
National Association of Scholars
The New York City Skeptics
The Princeton Academy of Martial Arts

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